Saturday, July 31, 2010

Djennah and Loes

Last-minute stuff, normally we planned a super-duper bikini shoot with plenty of sun...; but this is Belgium so we got everything but sun = lot's of rain and clouds, so plan B = improvisation...

We went to Waterschei near Genk, I really couldn't tell you how many pictures were already made in this building so it's not easy to keep on producing something that wasn't done before...

MUA was Connie Van Noten, --> check out her SmuSmug site <--

co-photographers were Bart Henseler and Annelies Himpens!

Djennah lighted by a SB-900 in the Westcott 28" softbox

Djennah lighted by an SB-900 in the Westcott 28" softbox at f:2 (50mm)

Loes with ambient only (Bart was taking the "real" pictures)

Sb-900 in the Westcott 28" softbox

Hair light / stairway light = AF-540 with 1/4 CTO and main light by the SB-900 in the Westcott 28" softbox

No comment....

Linkstar 120cm Octabox with 600Ws monobloc, on the Tronix 2400Ws explorer pack + rimlight by bareflash SB-900

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