Sunday, September 5, 2010

At sea

Had an amazing shoot with Katerina Claus, Mua provided by Sophie Adam

Location Oostend

Westcott 28" softbox

silver reflective panel

Ambient only (slightly overcast day)

And added the beautydish powered by the 800Ws ringflash

and here you can see it at work

50inch westcott JS softbox

Some time ago I bought the bigger Westcott softbox (the 50inch / 125 cm) version, I liked the smaller 27inch so much that i had to own this one too...

It is big! very big! but even with big light modifiers correct placement is crucial so i fixed it to my light stand using the same method as my smaller 27 inch only the extension rod is now 450mm long to cover the bigger distance. (See this previous post)

These are some results from my first shoot with it in the studio, i fitted one of my "mono bloc" heads (Linkstar 600Ws) so i could use the modeling light, the entire head fitted nicely into the big light source...

I would like to thank Uniqmix for her patience while I was at my favorite play-field... fooling 'round with light.

This is One light setup, shooting in front of the softbox, look at the catchlights!

50inch camera right and the 27inch as a hair light camera left

50inch used to create "window light"

I have something for girls with glasses... should shoot more of this

50 inch camera right front, 27 inch camera left behind

and without back light, just trying to feather out the light on the white! seamless

because of the recessed front it is very versatile and light control is easy.
An egg-crate would make a nice option

The 600Ws head was powered down to it's minimum because I wanted to shoot at f:2.0 to get the really shallow DOF, had to set my D700 to Lo-1 = ISO100 but even then I couldn't get lower than f2.5. With an SB-900 at low power i guess you could go much lower than f:2 but this will be tested on some future shoots!