Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jessika at the Studio

For one of our workshops a few months ago the foreseen model (Sanne Boons) let us down by text message at 4:38AM stating that she decided to quit modelling, for whatever reason.
The evening before she did send me a message trough my facebook stating "you can count on me, I'm ready!" , models do act strange from time 2 time!

But this was a huge problem because at 10:00AM we had a workshop with 10 people and we needed a model to point our light on...
Luckily facebook provided me with a solution... I posted it on my wall and within 1 hour Jessika was ok to model for our workshop, this studio shoot was a gift to thank her for really helping us out that day!

But Jessika also did a wonderful job on the styling wich contributed greatly to the results :-)

Make-up and Hair did by Sanne de Wolf from sdw-styling!

I new I needed an ethereal look for this series so i set my light in a not so standard position.

2 Striplights left & right aimed at the white background and set at f:11 (as I intended to shoot at f:8 and i wanted it pure white and overwhelming)

The hair light was close behind Jessika on a Boom (500Ws studio head with reflector and a wide grid)

The hair light was pointed towards the camera very close to her head so it would produce a serious amount of lens-flare (intended!)

Hair light set at f:8, but then I measured the front side of Jessika, the "not-lit" side....

When you light the white paper, it acts as a giant soft-box but the light is coming from the wrong direction (what is wright and what is wrong anyway)

And she was only at f:4... problem!

So I added some white bounce panels to kick back a part of that great soft light coming from the back.

This set her front side up at f:6.3 and i kept the Hair-light at f:8 for greater effect.( Because all the light is already coming from behind)

Oh yes, we used a fan too ;-)

Thank you Jessika and Sanne!

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  1. Is it really necessary to call the girl who didn't show up by her full name? As you write yourself, in times of internet and facebook and all, it's really easy to get a model at short notice. She did not commit a crime against humanity.

    Just a guy who happens to pass by here, I don't know her (I was searching for images of pneumatic clocks and ended up on this blog......)