Monday, June 14, 2010

Westcott Apollo 28" Softbox, inclination issue

Having just bought my first Westcott Apollo 28" Strobist Softbox i quickly came in touch with the inclination issue, because the light stand goes into the softbox and the opening in the underside of the softbox is limited you need to pull a trick out of your hat to get more inclination than 5 or 10 degrees. 1 problem always has more than 1 solution so if you search the net you will find others, it's up to you to choose the one that fit's you best. Buying or constructing a boom stand was not a solution for me, i do not like to use this on location because of the space it uses and the eventual instability.

For this solution i used 2 Swivel adapters and 1 piece of steel tube (diameter 16mm and length 300mm), I hope following pictures will make clear how this construction works and is assembled.

Almost every angle is possible now!

Wescott Apollo inclination

Sorry for motion blur :-$

Wescott Apollo inclination

Wescott Apollo inclination

Even with the poor position there still is a good spread of light in the softbox, no hotspot

Wescott Apollo inclination


  1. Bedankt voor je uitleg, het heeft mij echt geholpen!
    grts, Connie