Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blake Lauder!

As always this shoot was plannend weeks in advance, but last minute changes are never far away...
The day before the shoot i got a phone call stating that Blake Lauder had to go on a casting with Mr. Edouard Vermeulen from royal-famous Natan and she might be a little later on our shoot appointment, no problemo, these kind of castings can be very important in a models career.
And yes Blake got selected together with 2 other models and she arrived perfectly on time for our shoot appointment!! Congrats Blake :-)

Natan launched a competition between the winning girls so Blake started up a serious campaign to promote herself in Flanders and they used my picture on the 24.000 flyers!

Be sure to follow her career I'm pretty sure we'll be hearing a lot more from this girl!

Open shade area, lit with the world famous shoot-through white umbrella and an SB-900, compo picture made with the always amazing photoscape software.

MUA: Sandra De Moor

Sunbounce pro zebra +

Sunbounce 2/3 Sunswatter and shadow fill with Pro zebra panel

This is not something i would do quickly but the sun was at just the right angle, lit by.. Sun only

Just ambient light, slightly overcast moment

And the very cool "Ugg's under dress" shot :-)

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