Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Second Strobistworkshop

Few days ago we had our second strobist workshop ( ), once again with a very nice audience and a very elegant model: Elke. (You might recognize her from my previous shoot at the studio ;-) )

The workshops are there to share our knowledge and experience, we try to keep it very to-the-point so max 6 students per workshop.
As it was snowing outside of Fort 5 @ Edegem there was a nice flow of light coming trough the windows, an ideal challenge to crank up the iso's and make some "about" pictures at 6400 iso and use the big aperture f 1.6 / f2 resulting in a very shallow DOF

So here you can see my colleague Peter explaining stuff about the beauty dish (with extra diffuser)

Yep, that's where the light comes from, just to be sure :-p

This is the result with the right camera angle

50mm ISO 200, f:5.6, 1/125th,
SB28 at 1/4 power in the beauty dish, camera left 45° high
AF-540-FGZ at 1/8 power, 1/2 CTO + gridded snoot, camera left, 3 meters behind model

Strobist info, same settings as previous photo, except the hair light is now a "bonnet" light and on the right side behind the model

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