Monday, January 4, 2010

800 Ws Ringflash

Thought this might be something nice to buy second hand, a battery operated 800Ws Ringlflash, just had time to do a quick test, D700 50mm @f8 1/200.

Looks promising, not?
Not quite Dave Hill but i don't like to imitate, I'd rather innovate ;-)

After this short test outside in the cold we went back to the studio, another shot with the ringflash. Pentax K10D tamron 28-75 @ 65 f:8 1/125th

Then we put the ringflash aside and choose some other lighting approach:

2 lights on the background (left & right softbox) and 2 lights with shoot trough umbrella's left and right of me, left umbrella at 1/2 power of right one

And the same lighting set-up, but this time the lights are balanced 1/1

thanks to Natalie, Nathalie and Little Black Rose for the make-up!

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