Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1212 Haiti - Mudwrestling for a good cause

Something different! Bart Henseler, a fine photographer i know from the fotoclub Klik-Klak asked me if i was interested in making some pictures from a mud wrestling for women, these women where not wrestling for fun but for money, money to help the victims from the Haitian earthquake!

This is Bart @ work with his strobist gear, you can see his speedlight lying a bit further on the ground and the PW on his camera ;-) (had to crank up the ISO on the D700 as there was almost no ambient light, ISO 6400 & f2 50mm prime)

Mud wrestling seems to be very physical, or where the athletes not in good shape? (70-200 VRII f2.8 ISO 4000 + speedlight attached to a banister and aimed to a white wall on camera right 1/8 power, you can see the effect on her back, this would have been very dark as there was no other light source in this area, triggered with Cactus V4 which had a hard time powering up, but once they work, no misfires this time)

Give it all you can girls! (70-200 vrII f2.8, ISO 4000, AF-C with the 3d following mode), there is some motion blur, 1/125th is not quick enough to capture this fast action, but i was at the edge of what is possible with my gear

Once again you can see the effect of my speedlight aimed at the white wall (could post some pics of it in action if you want, just request them)

A much closer approach when i switched from my new 70-200 vrII to a 24mm prime, so close in fact, the mud hit me more than once :-p (but still a lot less than Bart, he and his camera were literally covered with mud at some moments) anyway, it was fun!

btw, the new Nikon 70-200 f2.8 vrII is a really remarkable piece of glass, perfect color and contrast rendition, quick and very accurate AF (no hunting in these low light conditions), perfect VR, i love it!

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