Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sanne in Eijsden (NL)

Sanne wanted to do a "snowshoot", we went to the East looking for snow, i thought that near the German frontier there would be some snow left, but no, no luck, this was going to be a no-snow shoot :-p

The classic against the wall ringflash shot (still waiting for my softflood reflector btw:-( ) so this is "bare-bulb" ringflash

Something more lighting 101 stuff, speedlight behind camera on left side, pointed to the white wall on the right to serve as big bounce surface, 1/4 CTO to add some warmth

Even more basic , shadow fill-in white shoot-trough umbrella, look at the catch lights for position

More difficult lighting, what do you think I used for this shot? let me know :-)

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