Monday, May 3, 2010

Rani #1

It was a sunny but a rather cold day, however young models do not seem affected by cold temperatures and i was wearing a lot more clothes than Rani on the pictures.

Driving 'round in Gent harbour i found this big concrete stuff, i loved the texture and the neutral color of it on a previous shoot, this time i added some color to it all in PP.

lighting info: just a white shoot through umbrella on the left, ambient is fill

This kind of shooting against the sun is something i've done a lot with my Pentax, now i decided to give it a go with the D700 and the 24 f2.8 (@ f:22) just one monobloc 600Ws @ 1/1 power with standard reflector.

I have to admit i preferred the cheap "star" produced bij the Pentax 18-55, but sharpness, resolution, contrast and dynamic range is far better in the Nikon so, get used to it ;-)

Something completely different, something i've wanted to try for some time, lighting against the sun, but not with a single small light source but with 2 bigger light sources, 2 strip lights (120x30cm) placed camera left & right in a safe lighting set-up as i call it.

Light is deliverd by two 600Ws monoblocs @ 1/1, with the light modifiers attached this gave me about f:11 on the model and with 1/250 sync speed this gave me a bit of control against the hard midday sun.

The goal here is to fill-in the shadow side and keeping the ambient under control, once you decide how you are going to approach the ambient part you know how much fill you will need from reflectors or other light sources.

I prefer strobes to reflectors, they offer me more control, i can place them where i want and it doesn't make the model squint or cry after 10 minutes...

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