Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pink shoot in the nature

Second shoot with Angélique, had to hurry to get in Antwerp but arrived to late because of the traffic, had to go 'round through the "Liefkenshoektunnel", cost €5,50, so i arrived at 16:30...

The idea of the shoot was to go pink, i like pink a lot and so did Angelique!

At 18:00 her phone rang, she had to go home so we shot some stuff in about 1 hour, work fast! even faster!!

The Diva look:

The sexy look:

The naughty look:

The sporty look:

all done with bare flash for hair ligth (Af54-FGZ at 1/4) and a white shoot-trough umbrella (SB-900 at 1/4)

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