Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Confined Spaces

Working in confined spaces like small hotel rooms can be very challenging for a good shoot result.

Wide angle lenses, no place to set-up the lights, not enough ambient light to have decent results, but after years of practice I'm getting into it, the results from this shoot make me happy and give me the strength to go on with it!

This shoot was with Laura Theys as model and Tina Calzetta as Mua, they did a fantastic job!

I used 2 bare flashes to light op the room, both with 1/4 CTO to enhace skin tones, next time I'll try the Amber gels ;-) ISO 400 and f:2.2 up to f:4, most is shot with the Nikon 85mm 1.8

Legs, legs, legs...

This shot made me think of those French actresses from the 70's

This is really out of cam, just removed the color information an boosted contrast a bit in Lightroom. It's done using one of the David Hamilton techniques....


  1. Supermooie reeks vol variatie, stijlvol, toffe kleuren en knappe visagie !
    Sterk modellenwerk en prachtige fotografie !

    Meer dan een geslaagd teamwerk !

  2. Great work, nice approach.