Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hey, I like those pictures

Hey Mike, I like those pictures, can you make me some in the same style? That's how this shoot with Steffi de Greve and Aaike make-up started out.

Once again we were in a hotel room, in my previous shoot I used 1/4CTO gels to enhace te skin tones a bit and warm up the feeling, this time I used the 1/4 Bastard Amber gels from Rosco. The difference is that the amber has more pink in it and will throw a very soft pink color cast over the subject, the CTO will be more orange. off course you can enhance this in post but never in the same way as shooting without the gels.

the walls were not suited as bouncing surface because of their color and shapes, luckily i had my 28" westcott with me.

Steffi wanted a lot of black 'n whites so I made her a few ones, I think they worked out great.

Aaike & Steffi

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