Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wide angle Vs Tele, shallow depth of field

This was going to be a nice winter's day with a lot of sunlight coming from a low angle but the foreseen model came home too late the day before the shoot and she was too tired to get out and do the shoot we had planned... sh*t happens

I decided to go for a walk in the forest and stumbled into this "twisted tree"... a strange appearance, it looks like a giant came by and let all of his forces loose on this tree.

As i was walking with my new 35 f:2 lens (yes, I really like those fixed focals) and photographed it at f:2, it still wouldn't come loose from the background, okay, the Dof is longer with a Wide angle but a wide angle is supposed to give more "depth" in your photo, as i wasn't really happy with the result i decided to take about the same picture with a mild tele lens, the 85mm AF-d 1.8 @ f:2, the contrast is almost the same but the colors came out in a very different way. Again this proved that a photographer needs to know his gear ;-)

Twisted tree with the 35mm f:2 AF-D @ f:2.0

Twisted tree with the 85mm f:1.8 AF-D @ f:2.0

So to set an object loose from the background it's better to use a Tele, big apertures also help

Shooting this star far away we call the sun, I have to say the effect from the Pentax lenses was much better, none of my Nikkor lenses can give me the same star shape that i got from my Pentax 18-55 kitlens

I'll just let you enjoy the rest of this series i made:


  1. Knappe foto's Michel! Die boom is inderdaad echt weird! xx

  2. Idd ..ontzettend mooie locatie ! Waar is dat bos ergens ? :)

  3. Meerdaalbos, Weertsedreef Te Sint-Joris-Weert, inderdaad een heel mooi bos en dat heel het jaar door trouwens!