Friday, February 4, 2011

Lions Ice Hockey team

A few weeks ago Koen (picture above) asked me if i could come over to there Ice skating to make some pictures of the guys and the girls from te Lions Ice Skating Hockey team.

I said, okay, let's give it a try, i knew this was not going to be an easy assignment, low level of ambient light with the usual crappy white-balance, lot's of movement, stupid backgrounds and so on.

First i did an evaluation of available ambient light, this gave me ISO 6400 , f:2.8, 1/125th shutter speed, so this would be our base to start from.

I decided to add three speedlights, 2 in the corners and 1 at the side, so this would cover about half of the entire field, i just don't own enough speedlights to light everything up (60 x 30 meters)...

The ice preparing machine made a nice testobject to control my camera setting, i quickly decided that taking light meter readings on the ice was very ... dangerous so i did it on experience, screen and histogram, not the best way but for once i decided to go for it.
As the machine had some big white panels it was easy to see with the highlight clipping warning where thing got out of the sensor's range.

Tha cameraman, Bart "Dude" Henseler, thanks!

In this small video you will see me setting up my small flashes and you will get an idea of the overall conditions, I used the 2 shoot trough umbrella's you see at the end in the video to take the group shot.

This is the safety net we had to photograph trough, well most of the time, safety is very important you know ;-)

So, 3 speedlight @ 1/16th power, 70-200 Vrii f:2.8, ISO 6400, f:2.8 and 1/125 th as the shutterspeed ...

Quick teamshot (24-70mm ISO 1600 1/80th @ f:5.6)

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