Thursday, February 17, 2011

Karen in a haystack

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Karen came up with this idea of shooting in a haystack... in the middle of the winter...

It was about 3°C so Bart van den Hout, Karen en myself were seriously freezing our butt off, we warmed everything up by using some CTO gel on one of the speed-lights

Again i made a very small video of the shoot, just to give you an idea of the location
(quality is not good, i know, but this is not like a "lord of the rings budget" production :-p )

A part of the shoot was done with an Hasselblad H1D with Leaf 22Mpix digital back but i'm not convinced of the indoor shots (done at ISO 100 f:2.8) Skintones and overall colors do not look good to me, however i liked the shot of a car outside, so much more detail in the shadow area.

The dynamic range is amazing compared to my D700, sharpness is about equal and I prefer the Nikon colors....

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