Saturday, October 22, 2011


Recently I had a nice shoot at the studio with Brooke, Mua was Jilke Juliens!
The studio is absolutely not my favorite place, i've said it before and i'll keep repeating it, sorry guys but for some very controlled portraits or catalog fashion works it is the right place, i admit.

Working in the studio can be really easy or very difficult, but as a photographer you can choose which path you choose, not always so on location..

For this first shot i would like to point out the use of the color temperature as a creative tool, if you're not already convinced that working with the RAW format for your photographs is the right choice let me tell you it is (out of cam JPEG sucks, yes it does, i'm sure of it)

The two following pictures are in fact 1 and the same image, i just started from a different color temperature to finish each of them, we talked about correct exposure in my previous post, now think about correct color temperature....

 -I like flexible models -

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