Friday, November 4, 2011

Myrthe @ sea

You won't be seeing a lot of sea in this series because it we did not go tho Ostend to take pictures of our North Sea but we went there to photograph Myrthe!

When i say "we", i mean Sandra De Moor as our MUA and Minne Van Den Noortgate as my co-photographer.

Minne took some excellent pictures too, you should check out her work :-)

Myrthe, is amazing, with her beautiful hair and amazin' eyes she has a lot to make it easy for a photographer to take great pictures!

More and more i'm going back to basics and work with natural light combined with the Sunbounce panels, it makes shooting a lot easier and quicker which is nice for the model en results in more pictures. But when needed i can reflect to the help of some additional flashlight. But as said, the entire shoot was done using only 1 big Pro Zebra panel and 1 Mini Siler Panel, you will see them as a catchlight in the eyes :-)

Light coming from behind is always amazing, certainly so when the sun is placed very low

I have to say we got pretty damn lucky with this shoot on location, the weathergods were really on our side, shooting outside in belgium on the 31st of october is pretty amazing and we even had decent temperatures, i even took of my coat at the warmer hours of the day

No fill on this one as i think Minne who was in charge of bouncing was in fact takin pictures too :-p

Almost same setting but with light bounced back (look at the eyes!)

And a more cinematic approach

For this shoot we provided basic styling, time was too short to shoot every outfit and Minne brought some stuff too so we had a lot to choose from.

Styling is really what makes the shot come to live, so i hope to be styling a lot more shoots in the future

For the following pictures we got inspired by one of our colleagues who is known for always placing his subject between his camera and the sun, metering exposure on "the dark side" and not using any fill techniques + adding some funky colors to it in post

First picture with the sun shining in the lens to generate some lensflare

All was shot with D700 and the AF-S 85mm f:1.4 G

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