Sunday, November 13, 2011


This shoot with Chiara should have taken place a long time ago but at the time of our previous appointment Chiara was sick and unable to shoot.

I've replaced my Nikkor Af-D 85mm f:1.8 with the more exotic and new 85mm Af f:1.4 G and i'm really impressed by the sharpness at f:2.0 or even at full opening f:1.4, color rendition and contrast is just perfect.

The AF of the 1.8D version is faster, the 1.4G being "slow" and certainly so in low light but it's accuracy makes up for it big time, the Bokeh is amazing, just like the "old" one.

I tested the old 1.4D a time ago but i found that the corners never got sharp, even at f:8 it isn't 100%, and compared wide open at f:1.4 the newer G version is A M A Z I N G
(G version = "the crippled one", because the lack of aperture ring)

If there ever comes a new version i'm sure they will ad VR to make us buy a new one :-p

Lucky me, for this shoot i was still accompanied by Minne as co-shooter / assistant, she is the one holding the Sunbounce PRO zebra panel for these shots.

As these are made in October, the sun is pretty low and it makes our job a lot easier shooting at noon and filling the shadows, also color temperature of the natural light feels better to me.

Suddenly a little bit of clouds appeared, but the sunbounce is still able to fill those eye-sockets with just enough light to make for a nice portrait :-)

MUA Sandra De Moor

This shot is Wide open aperture, 85mmG f1.4, Fill light with the Sunbounce Pro zebra

2 possible compositions in 1 picture, i thought this was a nice effect in post

Chiara is a though girl!

All pictures 100% natural light + bounce panels, no added flashlight was used or abused to make these ;-)


  1. Beautiful work and lighting. I especially like the 'tough girl' series :).

  2. Laatste reeks is ook mijn favoriet! Mooie chiara!