Friday, January 6, 2012


Welcome to 2012.. I'm so glad with this new light modifier, the Walimex Pro series 120 cm octa with grid. Until now I only used the "normal" softboxes, strips, octas but as i have to transport them all the time assembly and disassembly was becoming a P.I.T.A (Pain in the ass)

The Walimex has an umbrella like system so this is way easier and the addition of a grid is just what i needed to get more control over my light, I'll be ordering the Striplights very soon  ;-)

A bit of lighting and setup info for these black & whites

Front: on camera left the 120cm Octa with Grid
Back: on camera Left a 120x30 striplight and white seamless
D700 with 85mm ISO 200 ± f:8 / f:11

Aluminium foil + pretty face and the amazing make-up of Yinka Gboyega gave us some pretty pictures

Lighting and setup info:
Front: - Camera Left, Octa 120cm with grid, Camera Right striplight at 1 stop less than the Octa
And a bounce panel very low to fill shadows a bit from beneath
Back: White seamless paper

For this second and third result I tried to push the "whites" and saturation a little further than the previous picture...

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