Saturday, January 28, 2012

lighting stuff

Not every post goes deep into technical stuff, because it's often very repetitive and boring but in this one I'll tell you more about the used light setups.
As you know, i tend to keep things simple and i have to say that as i am evolving (well yes i think i do anyway) i'm getting less into technical issues and more into the models pose, looks, mood, look & feel etc

It becomes less important to me to make an image which is technically correct but totally sterile on the emotional and content side, it's a quest for a style that fits me, but for the moment, my holy grail is not yet know...

Light setup, 1 standard reflector on an Elinchrom Monobloc Rx, model in front of a white wall

Gridded striplight 140x30cm , soft, yet very directional light, fun to play with

Open reflector once again

210cm parabolic light modifier, big source but very directional en pretty flat light, looks a bit like the ring flash effect but still less flat and with directional shadow

Mua Mir Goetschalckx

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