Sunday, April 22, 2012

Follow the white rabbit

Steffi, MUA Evelien Van Tigghel

Just follow the white rabbit, crazy stuff is sure to happen :-)

Most people are pretty sure that my pictures are almost unprocessed, don't know why, maybe they look to natural? But i don't really care what people think, i just follow what i feel is right for me, commercial or not i really don't care, just shoot what you are comfortable with,  i've done it now for many years ;-)

But unprocessed, they are not.

This is to give you a little idea of what i look at during post:

It doesn't always come out, during post i can change my mind and i decided to add a bunch of warmth to this one

let's go on with the rest of the shoot:

We went in the car park and tried out some more out of the box stuff, just let go of everything you know and go with the flow ...


  1. good work! love it! and steffi rules big time! x

  2. Who cares if your pics are postprocessed if they look as good as these ones, epic! ;) ...but I personally don't like your new watermark, should move back to old one. ;)