Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Nikon dudes.

No really, what is wrong with the Nikon dudes, "Dark to see the logic" would be the words of master Yoda...

I understand that the earthquake, Tsunami and flooding in Thailand caused some problems and delayed the arrival of the nikon D800, but we had great cameras at our disposal for some years, like the D300(s), D700, D3, D3s, D3x,... so it was no problem waiting for the upgrade (not for me anyway)

But a few months ago things started moving, oh-oh-oh big Nikon announcement !!

Nikon D800, D800e and the D4 are announced, D800 with 36Mpix, wow! Nikon D4, the new low-light king, nice job Nikon!

But for me what follows is the weird and illogical part :

I think i can say that Wi-Fi has become a pretty well established standard over the last years, hardware and drivers readily available, to prove this 99% of every laptop, notebook, smart-phone, tablet, ... has on-board Wi-fi and I've seen the chips, they are small, the antenna is another question.

Now the D800 has no networking onboard, if you want to connect it trough Wi-Fi wireless connection you have to purchase the (older) Nikon Wt-4(a), extra cost of about €700 and it's bulky

The D4 has an Ethernet connection, very nice Nikon but if you want to use it trough Wi-Fi, Nikon has the new Wt-5a for you, extra cost about €800, good morning to you sir ...

So if you buy like a D4 and a D800 you got to buy both wireless transmitters because they are not compatible...

But ok, the Wt5 is going to be the new standard? It's smaller and probably faster, so that's a good thing!

( The fact that the D800 uses the older Wt-4 solution proves that this camera should have been released at least 6 month earlier, if it was developed by the same team as the D-4 it would also make use of the newer Wt-5 )

And than a few days ago Nikon announced their new entry-level Dslr, the Nikon D3200.

Oh yes and they did it again... the Nikon D3200 can be connected by Wi-Fi using an EXTERNAL connector, wtf? And logic would assume that it's going to be compatible with the rest, but no, again it's a new design, the Wu-1a, sold for about €50.

I guess the dudes in Sendai just think "oh those clazy plofessional photoglaphels make enough money to spend mole on geal"

Wtf, logic this Mr Spock!


  1. Nog steeds problemen met de usb kabel?

  2. Ik heb er geen ervaring mee, in het beste geval gebruik ik een kabeltje, maar heb je al eens naar de producten gekeken?

  3. Ik wacht op de bestelling van een actieve USB kabel, als die niet werkt mag ik hem terugsturen, wait & see, ik plaats wel een update :-)

    Eye-fi zijn SD, in de D700 zitten CF, er is een converter maar die zou heel traag zijn, misschien is proberen als ik ooit een camera heb die SD kaartjes ondersteund.