Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Pretty girls and fast cars, i love both but to combine them in 1 photoshoot is not my cup of tea, it has been done so often and all the pictures resemble one another.

Model: Laura Theys, MUA :muaDjenien, Assist: Luc

But here we where, Laura was ready to model and the new Ferrari 458 Italia was screeming for some attention (which is off course what's it supposed to do anyway)
I watch out not to fall in the typical girl-car shoot, so i decided to keep the car in just a tiny pit of the frame, even with only a small part of the bodywork i'm sure almost 90% of the people would recognize the car is an exotic anyway

The next thing was a bit of a try-out, it's something i wanted to try for a long time but never really had opportunity to do it. 1 side is lit with the Apollo Westcott softbox (SB-900) and on the other side a simple shoot-through umbrella (Af-540-fgz). I had 1 misfire on the SB-900 probably due to me shooting faster than the recycle time but i really loved the result, it's amazing to see how much detail is retained in the shadow area with the Nikon D800e, this is also a situation where the extended dynamic range comes in handy.

and some more soft, very soft stuff ...

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