Friday, June 15, 2012

Belgian Sahara with Natalie and Evelien

Many years ago this place was only a large plane of sand around a small lake but nature is slowly fighting his way back and new plants are starting to grow everywhere, but people in this region keep speaking about "The Sahara"

In fact it's just a tiny beach around a tiny lake with a lot of pine trees around it, not the usual backdrop you would find in Belgium and that's why i love to shoot here.
There's also at least one reason i don't like to shoot here ... you have to drag all your material through the loose sand and it's a 20min walk, even my UberFantastiK Beach Rolley equipped with super extra big sand tires is a pain to pull here.

I'm not even sure why i brought all this material, oh yes, wait.. i remember now, i had a very specific shot in mind but there was so much wind and i forgot the book at least 8 assistant to hold everything in place so i went for plan B = keep it simple without flying away :-p

Evelien Van Tiggel did not only do the very nice make-up and the hair but also all the sunbouncing with the Zebra / White Pro screen as this is was the only light modifier used for this series.

So everything shot with my finger and the Nikon D800e + 85mm Af 1,4G

All pictures (c) !!

I also like the black&white version, hard to choose ...

And the amazing details of the 36Mp D800 sensor, the left image is not even a 100% cropped part of the photo on the right...

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