Friday, August 31, 2012

Bedsurfing with a blonde girl

A recipe to bed-surfing:


1 model (try to find one that moves in a sexy way)
1 bed + some sheets and other "bedstuff"
1 grungy backdrop that looks like a cheap bedroom
1 camera with normal lens
1 on-camera flash
1 ambient light generator (light bulb or TL for even more grunginess)


NOTE: My idea was that the model would be nude for this but sadly this lady does not pose nude, so I will have another go at it with a nude model later.

Place the bed against the wall so you have a backdrop. turn on the Light bulb so you create a basic light setup, measure this light in the bed.

Take your camera and put it in Manual Exposure, because one light bulb does not create a lot of light we'll be using the "drag the shutter" technique, this means a longer exposure which will lead to some natural blur in the picture.
Set your ISO / Aperture en speed to the light meter readout, you can underexpose a bit for even more grunginess.

Now place your flashgun on the camera, set the in-camera light meter to Average (not spot or matrix) put the flash in TTL mode (because we are going to be moving a lot) and set the flash gun Zoom function to manual en try something like 100 or 150mm, in combination with a 50mm lens on camera this will look like a small flash was used and it will also create a vignette.

The combination of the long exposure and flash light will give you a very grungy look.

the next step is to take the model and throw her on the bed, next make her move, crawl, rollover and look sexy

Adjust light to taste.

MUA: Sybille De Beuckelaer

Next we did some more moving on "het trukske met het krukske" , this is a small barstool and the top plate is very loose so this pushes models that sit on it to move their body, very funny and yielding those different poses.

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