Saturday, December 26, 2009

Getting used to some new gear

New gear? get used to it!

24mm is really wide when you're switching form APS-C sized sensors to this Fx format (as it was in the "good old days"), location i choose for my "tests" is "Domein Hofstade" near Mechelen, there's an old abandoned swimming pool loved by some urBEx colleges, but i left that for what it was and choose to explore a new area.
Due to some winterly fog in the lower layers the sky wasn't as blue as it should have been but what the heck, get on with it and take some pictures!

testing the 24mm "wideness"

(This is not a pano, but a creative crop as my college Bart would say)

Testing lens flare as i pointed the 24mm AF-D f:2.8 directly at the sun f:22 ISO 200 1/500th, yes it's there and that's normal I guess! (top left and bottom right)

I have to say that i really like this "wideness", so much in fact, I'm thinking about the 14-24 f:2.8 ... LBA strikes again (LBA : Lens Buying addiction)

After some time it was time to test the shallow DOF from the 50mm f:1.4, I once read nobody shoots f:1.4 outside in the sun? why not, i like the shallow DOF!

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