Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Buggenhout bos

Buggenhout bos, world famous buggenhout bos...

First day of the year i felt that Mister summer is on his way to Belgium, looked quite "sunburn red #016" when I came home (no pictures please !! )

We went shooting with Karen in Buggenhout and I mean, Bert Meskens as Assist and Michelle De Raedt as MUA in the "we"

For this first shot, which was in fact one of the last on the shoot, i decided to use some strobe power, a lot of it, 800Ws into a Silver Umbrella, as in the past this gave us f32 at ISO 200, combined with 1/250 th shutter speed we where seriously overpowering ambient!
Check the sunny sixteen rule which states ISO = shutter speed @ F:16 for correct exposure in bright sunlight

I Also used a 3 stop ND filter (8x less light, that's why it's also called 0.8 ND filter) so i could open my aperture from f:32 to f:11 which gives better results on a normal DSLR

This is about the same lighting setup only that we replaced the silver umbrella by the Hensel Parabolic white umbrella, lost about 0.3 stop of light more with the white one, overall light qualtity is a bit softer as expected from a white umbrella...

You can see the setup in the reflection ;-)

Different locations, different light setups but yet consistent results, this is something i find very important but still difficult to achieve.

We used the Sunbounce PRO zebra as main, Sunbounce Mini , Silver as Fill en the sunbounce Oval sunmover, silver as extra light source to add some extra sparkle...

An idea of lighting setup in the last picture of this post!!

- Credits for this picture go to Bert Meskens -

(I'm the dude with Pro screen :-p )

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