Monday, May 9, 2011

Gerci at Ranst

We wanted to thank Gerci for her multiple participation at our workshops with a photoshoot, the very nice make-up was provided by Sebastiana-Alexandra Iagaru.

Beside making pictures we also recorded ourselves on video to be featured on our DVD which will be available 'round September 2011

This first 2 shots were done by placing Gerci in the shade of a tree and filling in the shadows with a Sunbounce Pro panel (zebra Fabric)

(Af-D85mm 1.8 @ f:4)

Again the Zebra panel but now the sun settled a bit behind the clouds so the overal light quality dropped to more fill / less harsh

Also did some shots with strobes! (Hensel 1200Ws in gridded beauty dish for a nice beam of contrasty light)

Gerci liked the shot above a lot, myself? I did not like it, not very interesting background i have to say i would have liked some more dramatic clouds in the sky... could have photoshopped them in but that's not my style.

As we where around a medieval church why shouldn't we use it as a dramatic backdrop?

26mm @ f:4

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