Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blogpost #101

Having already done a few shoots with Natacha she asked me to help her with her modeling portfolio, I thought a commercial style of work would fit her well so we decided to go for a fresh lifestyle look.
As the sun was on our side that day it was easy to go for the "lot of light", more "high key" look, on the edge of overexposure for some parts.

The location we chose was domein 3 fonteinen near Vilvoorde, this is a great location with lot of possibilities but distances to cover by foot can be long to get different looks and backdrops, so this called for assistants and I got 3 of them, Herbert Linz, Danny Vandenbossche and Jonathan Brites, they came in very handy:-)
Jonathan was the cameraman (for our new DVD) and diffusion scrim operator, Danny was in controls of the photoflex LitePanel with silver reflector and Herbert added the magic sprankle with the Mini Sunbounce (zebra fabric).

I hope you enjoy the results!

All lighting setups done with 2 or 3 reflective panels (Photoflex Litepanel - silver, Sunbounce Mini - zebra, Sunbounce Sunmover - silver with Bowens assistant on a light stand, and diffusion Scrim (-2/3 stop) to cut of the harsh, high noon sunlight) Mua: Michelle Didden

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  1. Een prachtige reeks! Hier ben ik liefhebber van.. De vorige reeks vond ik persoonlijk minder, maar dat is natuurlijk aan smaak te wijten.

    Ik verlang om met haar samen te werken! En met jou ook eens!