Friday, March 9, 2012

Arwen @ Brussels studio

Model Arwen, MUA: Lori Verberckt

We set off in the studio with something i wanted to do for a long time, use the big silver parabolic umbrella as a backdrop and i have to say I'm pretty pleased with the results.

U used my 120cm gridded Octa for the frontal light but I'm thinking about replacing this with the ringflash for a future shoot.

It's a long time ago since i've done a photoshoot outside at night but i wanted to give it another try, I had pretty results using the Westcott apollo in the previous shoot so this is the modifier i chose again.

In the previous shoot i used the 70-200 f2.8, this time i chose the 85mm fixed focal and thought about shooting at f2.0 and this was not a good idea... I had serious problems getting the focus at the right place, i'm not sure what went wrong but i had more out of focus shots than good ones...

Having only used this 85 f1.4 G in low-light or normally bright conditions it never let me down, every picture tack sharp at the right place, I do not understand why suddenly this focussing problem arrised. looking on my LCD sreen during the shoot the focus plane was mostly about 10cm behind the models head, so i went into the AF compensation menu of my D700 to change the value to minus 15 as a test but with no positive result.

I'll deliver my D700 / lens to the Nikon repair service to check what's wrong with it

Same as previous but in color "hard to choose it is"


  1. mooi mooi, en ook al had ik de paraplu als achtergrond al eens gezien, 't geeft een fantastisch resultaat.
    Ik heb eens in een boekske gelezen dat ge poeier moet geven aan het pilootlicht ;)