Friday, March 9, 2012


My relationship with the beauty dish was not good, in fact i used a few times in the past and i hated it because I did not like the quality of the light and i always kept pretty far away from, just used it on windy days outside as a soft fill in flash where light modifier quality matters less.

But now I was ready for it, my experience was going to help me and I'm going to share it with you.

Seeing these results i can not believe that i didn't learn and forced myself to use it much earlier, I was so tired of using soft-boxes to light my portraits as I found the light not being "punchy" enough in 75% of the cases.

The light from the beauty dish is punchy and especially so if it's silver on the inside, a white inside will give a "softer" feel because it scatters the light a bit more. But what matters the most is correct placement and for this you'll have to look for the sweet spot in the light, this is the place behind the deflector so that your subject is evenly lit by dish portion. Also i placed it less like a soft-box at a 45° angle, i placed it much more on axis.

The beauty dish will cast shadows and these will have to be controlled with some fill from a soft-box or a reflector, a soft-box will give you control, the reflector will give you what i can reflect so there's less control but it's a cheaper solution ;-)

Ringflash for fashion, it's hip again, once every 2 years this style re-emerges from Dante's inferno, it's flat, pretty high contrast light, you love it or you hate it, simple.

This is the 3000Ws (yes three-thousand) Hensel Ringflash with beauty dish (white interior) hand held at fixed distance (think about the inverse square law...)

And some more beauty dish stuff!

 Relax :-)

And another attempt for my GOLD series

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  1. From the catchlight in her eyes, were they 2 stripbox in front of the model for fill? :)