Sunday, March 18, 2012


Today we had a great team, Lotte Feyen, MUA Evelien Van Tiggel, Hairstylist: Hanna Lauwers.

I'm thinking about having these images printed in really large size, they were taken with the modelling lights at ISO1600, 1/125th, f2.8 so they contain a nice amount of grain but also lot's of tiny little details which get lost in these very small websize samples.

If I say, Angelina Jolie in The Changeling, you say yes or no?

Same goes for the next picture, Evelien placed so much little details in the make-up it would be sad to see them get lost and not print it on large format.

We kept the make-up but changed the scene from low-key to high-key.

White seamless, 2 500Ws heads at full power nuking the back at f:32 + 1 head directly behind the model aimed directly at the camera for some extra lensflare, no light in the front, just 1 white reflector V-Card to push back some light on Lotte's face ...

And a few relaxing fun series, ringflash at totally freestyle apertures.

ALL images (c)! Have a nice day!

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