Thursday, April 23, 2009

Castle of Ingelmunster

Few weeks ago some guys from "" organized a nice meeting between photographers and models in the beautiful environment of the Ingelmunster Castle. (All was very nicely organized!)

2 models for that day, Annelies and MysteriousMaemi.

In a corridor filled with "stuff" (not stuff i like) I had an idea of putting one of my strobes in a room and using the door opening as some kind of huge Gobo to "shine" some light on Annelies, we added some dust from old curtains but it doesn't really shows up on the photo
(have to work on a system to make smoke on location and trust me, mixing amonia with HCl is not an option)

A nice shot we took outside of the castle and I wanted the romantic bridge to show trough in the background.
some info on the lighting:
High left the sun, and a white umbrella to block the direct sun rays from falling onto MysteriousMaemi's beautiful face, a bit lower was Alain with an extra diffuser to do the same for the skirt, on the right side we have Marina with a huge silver reflector to add some "rim" lights, extra fill provided with a strobe at 1/8th power shooting trough a white umbrella (in front at about 20° of the camera angle) Sigma 50-500 to take the shot
(yes you can do model shoots with the "Bigma")

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