Thursday, April 23, 2009

What I work with?

Most people think I use one of those high-end camera's to make my photos.
Yeah, sure with a big and expensive camera nothing can go wrong, only lovely pics can come out...

Well in fact that's not what I believe, you can make stunning photos and you don't need a €7.000 camera, and you know why? Well because photography is all about light, no light = no photography and that is much more important than your camera. (i bougth my back-up body in second hand for €450 last year...)

As i do not think it is important i will not tell you what I work with, but i can tell you that Pentax is comming to the market with something new which will probably be called the K7 (stupid name btw), it has something to do with a mountain near the more famous K2 and the 60th anniversary of Pentax.
Depending in Specs this will be my new toy within a few months... the new DA*60-250 f4 seems pretty interesting too :-)

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