Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shoot in the flowers

An idea I had for a long time in my head, a nice girl in a field of flowers...

When driving up to pick up my model (yes sometimes I do that) a saw a superb field of Colsa shining bright yellow in the sunlight, i immediately knew this was the place where we would come to do a part of the shoot for that day.

Model Iris is very inspiring and nice to work with, she always seems to know just what to do to make the picture look a special...

Autofocus was a bit disturbed with all those nice bubbles flying around but i managed to lock it on the iris of Iris, lighting info: sun in the back, shadow fill with strobe on the left side (shoot trough white umbrella), again the idea was to cut ambient light at about 2 stops below flash light as you can see on the background.
You could not guess but this picture was taken at high noon in direct sunlight ;-)

At some time we decided we had seen enough of this yellow little flowers and drove on to another spot where i decided to work with natural light + diffusers and reflectors (i should really get me one of those nice California sunbounce things, anyone care to sponsor me on my quest for perfect lighting?)

Put Iris down in the grass , arrange her hair and add some flowers, take a photo and that's it...

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