Thursday, April 16, 2009

Strobist Practicum :-p

First you have to read, then read it once again and than try to understand what you are doing.

then you need some "stuff" (yes i like "stuff")

- strobe/speedlight (at least one) in my case the Pentax AF540FGZ
- stand with "hotshoe"
- radio trigger (I've chosen the Elinchrom Skyport system)
- a nice camera (I still use my "old" Pentax K10D)

-sunlight and place to move (in fact you don't need a lot of space because this photo was made with a wide angle 18mm)

-motivate Yanina to jump really high and make her look like she is enjoying life (thank you Yanina :-) )

What you don't need is luck, just put it all in "M" and experiment!

As you see there are still some parts of Yanina's body that are not frozen, this is something i want to work on to get it all tack sharp!

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