Monday, March 28, 2011

Do not fear the dark side

A few days ago I came to a pretty simple photographers conclusion, "every light source, modified or not, gives light"
That's the easy part but what sets them apart is not the light they give but the "quality of shadows" they can create.

Sure there is also something called "quality of light" and relative size which matters a lot, but when you dig deeper in the light you will see that good quality of light results in good quality of shadows.
In shadows I really mean the transition between light and shadows, the diffused tone (like Dean Collins called it) and the specularity where there is in fact no shadow at all.

In the specular part there is only pure white, in the deep shadows there is no white as it is opposed to specularity so there is only pure black left. In physics white is regarded as " a mix of all colors", but what is a black, a lack of colors? No colors? So black is not a color?

Do not fear the dark side, black is a color and I love the contrast you can create with small, harsh en very directional lights, makes the pictures a lot more graphical

Lit with a standard reflector and wide grid

Model: Laura Theys
MUA: Michelle De Raedt

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