Monday, March 28, 2011

Hensel Parabolic Umbrella

Everytime I payed a visit to our colleagues at studio-tecnic this Hensel Umbrella was looking at me and send me brain-waves on the commercial frequency "buy me, buy me you won't regret it" ...

So, yes i finally bought it!

Next step: looking for a model so we can see the effect of the light, Laura does not live very far away from me and i wanted to do a little test shoot with her since a while anyway.
I thought the sunset would make for a nice backdrop and it would allow me to see the effect of this new light modifier.

These parabolic light modifiers are hot for the moment, I guess this Hensel is the simpliest of them all en makes a nice addition to my strobist bag, it's the ideal size to be lit by a small strobe.

The light:

I expected it to be very controllable and very directional : it was, no need for egg-crates, Louvre or a grid
I expected it to have an umbrella like light fall-off : it's even more dramatic.

When I compare it to the Apollo Westcott 70cm softbox, which is about the same size, the light and mainly the shadows are very different, where the softbox has wrap-around quality, the umbrella has none, the light is very directional but due to the white interior light quality is very good and remains "soft", i'd like to see it with a silver and harsher interior reflector nevertheless.

SB-900 as light source, you can see how directional and focused the light is on the floor of this abandoned bridge

*** UPDATE ***

Some additional images :

The following shot is in studio, the Hensel is on camera right , fill from camera left behind the model (striplight 30x120cm), blue background.

The fall-of is very equal to the striplight but the light from the Hensel is more contrasty without being like a silver umbrella...

Next Shot is outside overpowering Ambient (f:32 1/250 ISO 200, 24-70 Af-s with 3 stop ND filter, 800Ws in the key light source = Hensel Parabolic)

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