Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sunny Saturday

- Aline's Shoot -

MUA by Valérie De Roeck, Assist by Lode Gryspeerdt, Styling by: Cindy Van Dyck

These first series where shot using a big reflective panel with a Zebra (Gold + silver) structure fabric, it gives a bit warmer and softer light.
To add some magic sparkle and a catchlight in the eye we also used a Sunbounce Oval Sunmover with silver fabric, you can see the used setup in the video

Here you can clearly see the effect of the sunmover in the eyes

About the same lighting setup but there was a little more sunlight available.

Okay enough of this ambient light only :-p, let's start up those flashes, well flashes... i only used one for the next shot.

I bought this 800Ws battery powered ringflash a time ago from a colleague photgrapher, for on camera use it is very straightforward, you use to clear the shadows with an on-axis light OR u can use it as main light, either way it usually results in flat lit pictures, you could simply use on camera flash but then you have to deal with the extra shadows it produces which the ringlflash does not.

I do not like those flat lit pictures, so i use this flash head just like any other = on a lightstand, it works very nice, it's portable and it gives me a bunch of light to fight the ambient at 1/250 th.

I began with full power, I decided to place the model very close to the light source as i was after a dramatic light fall-off, this close distance gave me a reading of f:32.4, a bit too much for my 85mm af-d as it only closes down to f:16...
Dialed it down to 1/4 power and we where good to go!

(The silver umbrella will also give a faster light fall-off then a softbox, this motivated my choice)

85mm F:16 1/250th ISO 200 (slightly overcast day)

On our way home we stopped at a very special location do a couple of extra shots, a long row of old and big trees added some depth to the compositions, it gave me a feeling of a fairy tale.

I called these "Aline in wonderland", i'm sure there was a white rabbit somewhere!