Monday, May 23, 2011

Bleu de toi

Near Kasterlee there is a small place in the forest where some really weird things happened to the trees.. as time blew away all the sand from between the trees, the roots became visible and gave us a bit of a special setting.

Mua was Sanne De Wolf and Assistants were Kevin and Tom!

Loes made the skirt herself, as this was a special design I thought we could go for a more editorial / high fashion style

(Sunbounce mini -zebra from the right, fill flash on the shadow side of the roots)

A few weeks ago i bought 2 parabolic light modifiers, looks like a big silver umbrella but it is really really different, the reflective capacity is amazing, you get about the same power as bare flash but the light quality is much beter because of it's big size (not easy with wind!)
light fall-off is very dramatic but i expected this!

With my SB-900 i can get f:16 ISO 200 bare flash at about 3 meters (10 feet), the SB-900 in the 59" (150cm) PLM gave me f:16.7 at more than 4 meters (12 feet) ... where is al this light comming from? well it's because the PLM focuses the energy in one beam where bare flash spreads it all around.

I bought it trough ebay check

Here you can see the bigger one, 85" 215cm PLM with the FalconEyes 800Ws ringflash (at full power i can easily get about f:64 at ISO 200... not bad if you know that in the Wescott Apollo it gives me f:11.7 at the same distance!)

85" plm from right, ND -3 stops on the Af-s 24-70

Again Sunbounce zebra Mini

85" PLM camera left, flat on the model, 59" plm with SB-900 very far to the left as fill light, natural light was coming from high right (harsh sunlight) again with ND -3 stops on the lens.

85" PLM as flat light source about 6 to 8 meters (+20ft) away, just to give you an idea of the light it can give

There seems to be some interest in the way i carry stuff around when shooting on location, not so long ago i bought an Eckla beach rolley, with big wheels so you can easily transport a lot of material even on rough or sandy terrain... in action shot:

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