Sunday, May 29, 2011

Biker Chique

Koen has been nagging me for sometime to take some pictures with him and his Bike, his Triumph Daytona, I thought this would look great with a sunset as a backdrop but after 5 weeks of amazing sunsets we chose the only day with no sunset with a lot of clouds and even more wind...

I was planning to use the big PLM (85") to light the bike but hey hey are you sure you'd like to try the Mary Poppins thing with the umbrella?

So we changed to plan B (always have a plan B in your head, just like those guys from the A-team ;-) )

Luckily we could count an the help and assistance of Bert Meskens :-)

Ringflash 800Ws with 40Cm beaty dish and a big bag filled with rocks to keep it on the ground!!

75% flash to ambient ratio for the lighting geeks ;-)

Along came Nina... wow

-Biker Chick ? -

And Along came the Aston Martin Vantage..

Let's go 4 a ride ...

(beauty dish, camera left = in front of the car)

And beauty dish as 20% fill flash, from camera left but still pretty straight on, soft ambient fill

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