Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sint Servaas 2011

Every 2 years a bunch of people get together in Grimbergen (BE) to celebrate the voyages and life of a saint, Sint Servaas.

As this is quite a big happening and i do some freelance work for local communities i was there to take some pictures (with 8 colleague photographers)

In assignment to, a few pictures i would like to share with you from the more than 400 that you will find on

Al pictures taken with 70-200 2.8 vrii .. if all zoom lenses where only half as good ;-)

Every shoot begins with make-up...

This replica was made from a picture i took 1 year ago , i boosted my D700- 12Mpix to more than 40Mpix to get good quality i also took a lot of care in correct colors, from this distance you could not see the difference with the original, only the old fabric is stiffer in the wind.

Yeah , even Spartacus was here

And Evil

Pushed a little in Lightroom

And Ben-Hur

This the representation of the Phoenix, a creature the you will find a lot in the history of Grimbergen, with the Basilica in the background

Light was not easy, I worked in manual mode with spot metering to check localy for correct 18% grey exposure at f:2.8 / f:3.2 constantly changing my shutter spead to compensate for full-sun, slight overcast or heavy clouds, automatic modes on the camera did not give me the results I wanted.

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