Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Strobistworkshops meeting day Baasrode (B)

May 7th, +25 photographers, 8 models, 4 make-up artists and a lot of sun!!

location :

It was a great day, the weather was on our side, felt like a nice summers day :-)

Our concept is pretty unique in Belgium and I know why... the organisation is a bit of a pain in the a$$, to have 8 good models and 4 Mua's on site does not seem to be an easy assingment but hey we've been there before, remeber out meeting day @ waterschei in 2010

In Total i got in contact with over 40 models, 17 acknowledged to come but as the day came closer a lot of them dropped out, 10 to be exact (and 1 Mua too btw)

So I really want to thank all the people involved who did an effort to make this a great day!!

We've asked everybody to upload there pictures that they are willing to share with us on :

And some more cool shots from "Macroshopper" :

I hate my job, go figure...

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