Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bride on the run

Editorial fashion, this is really my cup of tea and with the help of Jessika's styling and the hair & make-up done by Sanne De wolf my job was easy...

Normally i would lite this kind of stuff so there are no shadows left, it gives a fresh look but it tends te be boring on the long end so it was time for something else!

I was doubting between the Af-d prime 50mm or my working horse, the AF-s 24-70 to create the first images, the 24-70 won the race while I was scouting the location, rough terrain and the zoom would help me to change composition without breaking my legs...

For this first set the sun is on the models back, pretty harsh sunlight even at 10AM, shadow side fill in with the sunbounce mini, zebra Fabric.

Im glad we used the zebra for warming up the tones a bit, because i fooled around with colors a lot in post and this would have resulted in pretty pale skin-tones with a silver fabric

About the same lighting technique only i added / replaced the sun as main light by overpowering the ambient , i let the 800Ws loose in the beauty dish from high left (@f22 with ND8) and shadow fill provided by the sunbounce mini zebra fabric (low right) + a little desat and D&B in post :-)

Beauty dish on the left (i choose the beauty dish mainly because of the wind, it would have been impossible to use an umbrella that day)

Natural sunlight form the left + fill with Sunbounce Mini zebra fabric & Sunbounce sunmover silver fabric

Time to change lens to something more portrait like, the 135 f2.0 Dc, I set the Defocus control to the corresponding aperture, works great even at f:5.6, the maximum DC aperture

Flash shoot-through umbrella + sunmover silver fabric placed low under the chin = beauty style portraits, the make-up was given a wet-look but you'll have to ask Sanne for details :-)

Natural sunlight form the left + fill with Sunbounce Mini zebra fabric & Sunbounce sunmover silver fabric (no flash)

These are taken with the 135mmDC wide open at f:2.0 to see how the Dof plays in the composition, because of the more tele range there's a lot of compression and the more 3D effect you get from 50 or 85mm at f:2.0 is lost a bit, but the OOF renders quite nicely, very different from the 70-200 at 135mm & f:2.8


  1. Will add comment later, enjoying the pics for now ;-)

  2. verry verry nice pictures!!