Monday, June 20, 2011

Nina at the studio

You might recognize Nina from the Biker Chique series I did some time ago, I asked her to come to the studio for some more beauty style shots, Make-up and hairstyling kindly provided by Sanne de Wolf from SDW-styling

For this portrait the main light source is a 59" / 150 cm Parabolic light modifier on camera axis, fill from below with the silver fabric sunmover reflective panel, white seamless is lit from on side with a striplight

More light on the back, less light on the front :-)

Underneath 2 little experiments...

Shooting trough a glass plate and using the reflection from the flashes for highlight effects, 98% in camera

Firing the flash trough a perforated sheet of metal, it was not easy to get the structure of the steel sheet to show on the skin, i had to do some serious fine tuning, even the difference between the light from the modeling light bulb and the flash tube had en effect on the structure.

the result, you like it or you don't...

De gustibus non est disputandum

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