Friday, June 3, 2011

135mm f:2.0 DC, first impressions

This is a piece of glass that I wanted to buy since a long time, according to some websites a lens almost nobody understands, this is not a soft-focus lens...

The 135mm f2.0 with defocus control is pretty unique (along with the 105mm version) as you can optimize the lens configuration with an extra control ring according to the used aperture to optimize everything out of focus (bokeh optimization)

So this is a people lens, excellent for portraiture but for the first test I wanted to try some other stuff, it's supposed to be tack sharp at f:2.0 and it is, yes really!

Under each photo you will find a link to view the images in full resolution, images have been optimized in Lightroom, contrast, WB and I also optimized the sharpness as I would with every other picture ( I do not use the in camera sharpening as this embedded feature is not used by Lightroom with the Nikon Nefs)

testing contrast and color rendition at worst time of day to take pictures, about noon, harsh sunlight, focus is on the retro looking building, no deformation, almost no CA or other lens problems... looking good

- click here for full size version -

focus on the first yacht left

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testing the extremes, f2.0 aperture wide open, i had to drop the ISO to Lo settings to keep the shutter speed within the 1/8000 max.

I love the effect of the f:2, the shallow DOF, with a bit of 3d feeling, sun was in my back when making this, flat and harsh light.. look at the high res picture, the detail in the text

- Click here for full size version -

this is more an out of focus test, DF set at f4 Rear, if your subject is close enough everything out of focus turns into a creamy bokeh even if the background is very cluttered an full with annoying stuff, this lens will change it into a creamy and abstract backdrop...

- Click here for full size version -

More to come soon!

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