Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ViV, the very important viaduct‏

The viaduct of Vilvoorde which is a very important part of the ring around Brussels has an enormous amount of cars passing over it every day but almost none of the passengers or drivers will get to see the inside of this huge concrete and steel construction:

As the viaduct is due to some serious refurbishing there was a possibility for the Press (yours truly) to visit the inside of the bridge and the area around the Dilatation joints which will be replaced with new ones, these old joints produce a unique sound that is familiar to everyone living in the area near the viaduct, the new one will produce 7dB less.
Picture of the old joints with the cars passing by:

And a complete view of the jo
int from beneath

I have serious trouble with vertigo, but it did not bother me too much as i was so eager to see the inside of the structure

Look at my car, oh oh vertigooooooo !!

His way to become the face of the works, similar picture published in the main newspapers

Drive Safely !!

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  1. What an impressieve series of an impressive brigde! This is great and very interesting to have a close view on this giant of traffic!
    thanks for sharing.