Saturday, July 23, 2011

At sea

Nice afternoon shoot with Steffi at our Belgian coast, Mua: Gaëlle Verspeelt

This must be one of my best portraits made with minimalistic setup, Steffi lying in the beach and Gaëlle blocking of the hard high noon sunlight with the sunbounce... keep it simple seems to work more and more for me.

Bit of bounce with the white side of the sunmover, harsh sunlight on Steffi's hair and back, retro finish

more bounce :-)

As we drove by looking for some dunes we just had to stop and take some shots in this "wild flower field".

Whenever I see this kind of pictures I always have to think 'bout the things that you don't get to see or you don't even know as a viewer, Insects going bezerk on the model and me, plants that sting and itch, falling, almost breaking your legs to get to "the best spot" in the field,... writing this I'm wondering why the best spot is always so far away..

Tip: If you plan on taking this kind of "on the field" pictures, tell your model to take a detour or you will be left with a path of destroyed plants on the result

Steffi told me she wanted to try out some less clothed settings and who am I to say no?

Near the water, lot's of people and stuff to keep out of the frame.
Wind, sand, salty water to keep out of the camera.

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