Monday, July 4, 2011

Charlotte, Peggy, MAS and me

Mua : > Peggy Timmermans <

The date for this shoot must have been set since ages, it's not easy finding a common date when everybody involved has a busy schedule.

And to make things a little harder Charlotte did not have a lot of time so we had to hurry up, think fast and good... My first idea was to keep things simple : camera + 50mm and 1 round reflector = it works.

I think that we weren't shooting for more than 10 minutes and the first swedish sailor wanted a picture with our beautiful model, can't blame him ;-)

I warned him the picture would be published and he would become world famous lol, but nevertheless here is our hero of the day:

trying some unusual angles

Inside MAS, pretty special architecture but a lot of red reflection!

Is it necessary to expose for the models skin or can it be more creative?

North side natural light

Thanks Charlotte and Peggy for this great cooperation :-)


  1. Zeer mooi, mijn favorit de zwart witte!

  2. I love the pictures! Amazing outfits!

  3. Last image is perfect! Love it.